What we do

Our company's core business is machine learning and optimisation, and we are fully equipped to handle large data sets.

The word Isazi means 'bearer of knowledge' or 'scientist' in isiZulu, and our approach to data is fundamentally scientific. We search for patterns, trends and possible explanatory hypotheses, continually testing and updating our belief, and then build models and algorithms to leverage the knowledge we have gained and to further understand the data. This knowledge can lead to enormous savings for our clients, and we have learned how to build tools and products around data in a way that can transform businesses.

As our business rapidly grows and changes we continue to hold true to our core vision: solving South Africa's toughest problems by revolutionising business and education. We have a number of disruptive ideas, algorithms, and technologies that are poised to change the way our country works. Watch this space!

Our Vision

Solving South Africa's toughest problems by revolutionising business and education

Isazi Consulting was created after a conversation about a newspaper article in 2012 with the title 'South Africa scores the lowest in Mathematics'. We asked ourselves how this could be possible when all of us sitting at the table had advanced Mathematics degrees and applied it to solve problems daily. The discussion turned to other bottlenecks in South Africa's economy, and we decided there and then that we would create a company with a single unifying vision: to solve South Africa's toughest problems.

Three years later, Isazi Consulting is on its way to being Africa's Machine Learning hub. We employ the brightest minds on the continent and compete globally with analytics giants to add value to our customers. We operate in a high-throughput, creative environment, where new ideas are grown into successful projects and research is a key driver of progress. We are strongly connected to a network of universities and individuals around the world, and are well positioned to implement cutting edge research - that would normally take years to reach the business world - directly in our products.

Our Team

Diverse, skilled and passionate

Our team is composed of highly talented and skilled individuals from the fields of computer science, biomedical, information and electrical engineering, physics, applied and pure mathematics, and financial mathematics. When these experts are combined with a passion for change in South Africa, the result is a brand operating at the highest level of mathematical sophistication to bring innovative and creative solutions to South Africa's day to day challenges.

Where we have applied our skills

We apply our skillset to an incredibly diverse range of problems.

Online Casinos

Mining Industry

Airline Optimisation

Disease Control

Optical Character Recognition

Fraud Detection

Traffic Control


Packaging Industry

Glass Industry

Software and App Development


Contact us

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